CRM Alliance Charter

The CRM Alliance and its members have developed the CRM Alliance “Charter on Critical Raw Materials Policy”. This charter aims at promoting CRMs and providing recommendations on future actions and objectives. 

This charter, with its 10 principles, outlines the core actions that the European Union should implement in order to ensure the continued supply of CRMs and seeks to constitute a guidance for policy-makers on future actions.

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EU List of CRMs

In 2008, in light of the growing concern of securing reliable and undistorted access to raw materials, the EU published its Raw Materials Initiative, which proposed an integrated strategy towards raw materials, to respond to the challenges associated with supply access. A priority action of the Initiative was to establish a list of critical non-energy raw materials at EU level.


The European Union has since delivered four editions of the EU CRM List: (i) in 2011, the European Commission adopted its first list of 14 CRMs; (ii) in 2014, the list was revised to feature 20 materials; (iii) in 2017, the list was revised for the third time and featured a total of 27 materials. A fourth EU list, with 30 CRMs, was published in October 2020. 


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